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Rethinking Devout

Assalaam waliekum and hello,

Well, for the last three months I have been telling my friends about my rousings on Youtube. Basically I confront the Islamaphobes about themselves and make them very angry. My friends think I spend too much time making people angry. My dearest almost mother said to me: “You’re getting too excited by this, Gail. ”

Once again, she was right. I was getting excited but not over just anything. I was getting excited over religion, Islam to be exact. Since Islam has became the new word of mystery in the USA, non-Muslims have begin to see that this religion or as I’m beginning to see, way of life, unfortunately merging into the lifestyles. Islam does affects the life decisions, goals, and lifestyles of the indivdual. If a non-Muslim asked me about my clothing, I would tell them why I wear what I wear because Allah SWT orders me, as a Muslim women to wear clothes like this.

This really blows their minds like: Wow, she is doing something because God told her to.

Me: Yeah, go figure. Who hasn’t?

I note the level of discomfort in my non-Muslim friends’ attitude when I explain to them my lifestyle. And how could I not talk about my beliefs, they are so intergrated into my life. I can’t just turn off being a Muslim whenever I wanted, that would be weird. How can I not get excited when I’m talking to my friends about Islam?

Sometimes I think they’re feeling that I’m becoming too “devout”. So far, as of Youtube Islamaphobe standards, the word “devout” carries a negative denotation when paired with Islam. They usually call a Muslim “devout” when the Muslim is correct and has knowledge of the issue at hand. I think it is a polite policially correct way of calling Muslims, terrorists. Now, in every other religion but Islam, “devout” is a good term for the person who is practicing it. But Islam, no.

Personally, I’m not “devout” because “devout” means devoted to religion or to the fulfillment of religious obligations. When “devout” comes to mind, I see people in constant worship, no worldly affairs. My life is not like that at all, I dont have to pull my religion out and take off my secularity for a while. My religion and worldly affairs are now interlocked.  And I got other things to do than constantly praying. I stop what I’m doing and pray but that does not mean I’m a “devout” Muslim. It means I’m a busy Muslim who’s religion has truly became a way of life.

Since when did a religion become a way of life?


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