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The American Muslim in Islamic Wonderland

Hello or assalaam waleikum everyone, I have finally made it back to WordPress: I have DSL internet and I’m making dua’a that Allah SWT continues my internet. It rocks.

Now, lately my husband has been ranting about living overseas in Egypt, something about living like a king off of $600.00 dollars a year and being in a mostly Muslim population. I have been kind of open and kind to his dream yet it is getting old…real quick.

The reason why is b/c I have been overseas as an Afro-American non-Muslim and culture shock was not mentioned in the little handout they gave us on studying abroad in Italy. Its not easy being one of the few decently dressed women in the group and then you have to leave as soon as you start getting use to the place. Back to the present, I think that traveling all the way over to Egypt just to sit around people is not all that grand, especially when you could go to Hajj.

Yes, Hajj outweights Hijra because all Muslims are required to make Hajj at least once in their lives and if they can afford it. So why make a secondary issue a big priority when you havent done what is required of your faith? I was thinking too that alot of American Muslims are trapped in this hard sandwich of American culture vs Islamic deen. Most of this is expressed in frustration, isolation, and in this case: being disgruntle about living in the US as a Muslim. I can understand these feelings however, after being a Muslim for three years now, wearing niqab in public, struggling to learn about my religion, and dealing with a mostly Christian population in a small city; I would rather be a Muslim over here in the US then over there in the Muslim countries. 

It’s not because life is easier here or I have rights in the US. Its because I believe that American Muslims have a huge role in helping Muslims and people from all over the world with Islam. We say: “Hi, you can be American without compromising your deen.  And we can help you find a way do to so.” For the non-Muslims: “We are not going to take over your lifestyles or country however we have to correctly follow our faith first.”

When Allah SWT throws you dates, make mamouls. Make due with what you have instead of crying about what you could have. Islam is only as hard as you make it. An Islamic Wonderland is not going to help anyone if they cant even help themselves in their own homeland.

American Muslims have to start cracking the Islamic books and material to better ourselves instead of fanastizing about this beautiful Islamic Wonderland overseas where Muslims are going be ever so kind and their deens are ever so correct when really they too do pretty stupid and sometimes not Islamic things. And they too have let their cultures spill into their Islam and that is what the non-Muslims see instead of the majestic picture that Islam has for Mankind.


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