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Slowly finding other things to do

I have been increasing my knowledge of the Arabic alphabet. Last tonight, my Sister Eman give me this really cool website for learning the alphabet and reciting du’as, surahs, and much more.



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The job and the hijab 2

Today, I talked to my boss’s boss, the distrinct manager about wearing my hijab. I thought the whole matter was going to be some Lifetime meets Bollywood melodrama where I stood there in the parking lot of Burger King and speared this man with long speeches about spiritual courage and times of change.
Nope…not when one’s feet are hurting and both parties are very tired from a long work shift.
I simply looked him in the eyes and asked hime about Burger King policies or rules on workers wearing a hijab or anything like it. The “hijab” was an eye-opener itself. The distrinct manager’s eyes widen as if he found a hamburger in the bathroom or something. He even had a little lean back to his posture. I had to lean back myself to keep from giggling at his expression. It was simply priceless.
My boss quietly leans in to whisper,”It is not approved Burger King headgear(something like that).I sweetly ignored him and watched as the DM argeed about the hijab.
I nodded and replied, with great humor and understanding:
“There are other hijabs that are closer to the body. These hijabs are made for working Muslim women.”
Both of them were so surprised and relieved, that I had no choice but to giggle.
So hopefully I will have a black hijab for work and most importantly I will have enough eman to face wearing a hijab.

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The job & the hijab

I have been mustering up the courage to wear my hijab to work. I have been thinking about for months on in.
I think really sucks how people would secretly discriminate someone based on their religion. I still want to wear my hijab to work. He is I know that there is more to the hijab than a head covering. I try to cover my head outside of work, I feel like I’m dressing up. I’m still adjusting to wearing hijab. Just recently, I have decided to start wearing my hijab because I was splitting work and my spiritual side. I tell people that I’m a Muslim yet out of being so different, I start to act like my co-worker. The hijab will help me remember who I am and what purpose I serve. I want to show that I’m not a hypocrite and that I’m not afraid to be a Muslim.

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The need for prayer.

One of my greater problems was the need for prayer: I simply do not pray when I need to. The act of prayer seems so strange and hollow to me. When I was young, things seemed to work out for me well, without prayer. I knew there was something up there watching out for me when things down here got hairy. As I grew up, my ego and my problems grew as well: it wanted to be the one in charge.
Things that upset me will eventually make me sick like my car and job. I feel that those things are under my control, I FIX MY CAR: it works better and I CHANGE MY JOB EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WANT: better job.
Then the duty of prayer as a Muslim come into play. Holy Batcave. Five times a day, I cannot even roll out of bed for Fajr. Mostly said in Arabic and carried out in a specific way, I’m just a clumsy scratchy record.
While I was writing this piece, something strange just occurred to me. Allah Subhana-wa-ta’Allah could have smashed my little ass a long time ago. Yet, He did not do it, I will never know why. And I do not want to know, it is not my place.
Perhaps I should pay my sincere to Him for all that He has done for me, insha’Allah.


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Asalaam aleikum

Hello, everyone.
My name is Gail. I want to talk to Muslims from all walks of life.

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